Be well

Do you truly want to bring in


  • more connectedness with yourself and others,
  • emotional balance and joy into your relationships,
  • a flow of creativity instead of stress at work,
  • more ease and time to live a fulfilled life.


My work is about fostering our wellbeing and creativity, as well as exploring and teaching how to ease and balance all areas of life. Through private coaching, mentorship program and trainings that I offer, I encourage and empower my clients to daily use our body intelligence and emotional intelligence which are essential for a powerful transformation, success and quality of life. My work is based on the processes and techniques developed and taught by the Hendricks Institute, USA. With certainty, I can say that this body-centered coaching method is one of the most effective approaches out there and it can bring amazing positive shifts to your life situation very quickly. I've seen it made miracles in my life and life of others.




  • enhancing relationships of all types (romantic, friends, family, colleagues, business partners)
  • finding emotional balance
  • integrating body awareness tools in daily life



  • body-centered shifts from stuck states (e.g. writing block, recycling of critical thoughts, feeling off and tired) to a flow of creativity and energy boost
  • achieving professional success using the power of creative expression vs. working harder and more hours
  • conscious creating of life of wellness and fulfillment



  • conscious parenting
  • family vitality after separation
  • teaching children emotional intelligence and body awareness


Please take a moment and reflect on what you really want to achieve and how you would like to feel. If you are ready to trade your challenges for more ease, success and wellness, I invite you to learn how to do this in a fun way and experience this liberating process with me.


With delight,


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What Participants say

"I wanted to thank you for the workshop you held last Friday.  As I mentioned when I arrived, I didn't really know what it was going to be about, it just sounded interesting, so I decided to join. I came away from the workshop feeling inspired, and now I am trying to practice a couple of the techniques you taught us. Many of the wisdoms you shared were also useful reminders. Thank you for sharing all this with us".



"The most important thing that I brought home is that my body is more closely connected with how I feel that I thought. What is more relevant is that you introduced us into the techniques which clearly highlight this very connection".