Many of us are familiar with feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unfulfilled in several important areas such as relationships and work. Therefore, today as never before we have a need and also possibilities for support to achieve emotional balance, increase well-being and live the life that we truly desire.


All my programs and coaching make use of the incredibly effective BODY-CENTERED processes and techniques. 



I share with the trainings' participants and coaching clients several essential skills and principles (breathing, moving, integrity, response-ability, emotional literacy, creative expression and play) that help them to get unstuck and create more ease and flow in any situation. This ability to shift to this new state is crucial for your wellbeing and success. My trainings are experiential and fun which allows integrating new skills in the most effective way.


Main focus areas of my work:

  • enhancing relationships of all types (romantic, friends, family, colleagues, business partners)
  • finding emotional balance and making wise decisions
  • family vitality and conscious parenting
  • achieving professional success using the power of creative expression vs. working harder and more hours
  • conscious creating of life of wellness and fulfilment. 

About Olga

I am a certified Conscious Living and Loving Coach through the Hendricks Institute, USA. I am also a researcher and educator with an extensive international experience. I hold a Master's Degree in Education and Humanities from Russia and a Master's Degree in International and Comparative Education from Stockholm University, Sweden. At the moment, I am working on my PhD project and teaching at a University in Sweden. My research focuses on interaction, learning and language use in the family. I also have a coaching practice in Stockholm and offer a number of body-centered trainings in the area of relationships, emotional balance, creativity and wellbeing.


Transformative education and body-centered coaching has become a source for personal growth and professional interest for me several years ago. In this powerful work, I strive to combine a method of research inquiry with forces of body and emotional intelligence, creativity, and play.  Always inspired and always inspiring.


Thriving in my marriage and relationships, I witness how the coaching tools reliably work every day - when you learn to apply and practice them.  A dedicated Mom of three beautiful children, I am currently exploring both in theory and practice how to create an empowering formula for more conscious happy and healthy parenting and how to achieve a balance between family and work. I am happy to share my work on family vitality.


I feel most alive when I am moving, playing, loving and staying connected. Receive peace and inspiration in nature. Love feeling passion of dance and starting and accomplishing projects. Amazed to witness how life unfolds and how powerful we are.