Private BODY-CENTERED Coaching

My role as a coach is to facilitate and fully participate, in collaboration with you, in learning processes that are essential for you, your transformation, wellbeing and decision-making.


During a coaching session we will:

  • make an assessment of the issue, problem or concern that you would like to explore and effectively resolve or potential that you would like to unfold
  • engage breathing and moving exercises that are specially designed to increase your awareness, find new ways to solve issues and establish emotional balance
  • practice welcoming and feeling your feelings and expressing them in a healthy way which is the key to your overall wellbeing and fulfilling relationships.


After a session you will have more clarity and feel more alive and empowered. You will also learn and appreciate several very simple yet very effective techniques that you can use every day on your own to take wise decisions, enhance your wellbeing and deal with emerging challenges.


Coaching sessions are available in person in Stockholm or via Skype.


  • 30-min FREE introductory and assessment session (only first time clients or before a series of 5 sessions)
  • Private 60-min coaching session
  • Short individual assignment to practice new skills
  • 30% discount on selected courses



1 individual session 60 min - 450 sek (€45)

5 individual sessions x 60 min - 1800 kr (€180)


1 couple session 60 min - 550 sek (€55)

5 couple sessions x 60 min - 2300 kr (€230)


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mentorship program

Mentorship program is designed to support your continuous learning and transformation as well as to offer you personal guidance. It will help you to navigate through your challenges, develop your potentials and embody new ways of living in emotional balance, wellness and creativity.

This program is the best way to stay accountable and ensure that you do apply processes and polish skills that you are learning. You will also receive a valuable opportunity to revise your unconscious and conscious commitments and set new powerful intentions, which will help you crete the experience that you mostly want.



  • Individual coaching 
  • Learning and practicing new skills at a pace that fits YOU
  • Continuous support and guidance

Mentorship program includes:

  • 30-min introductory and progress assessment session each month
  • Individual map of transformation
  • One short assignment to practice new skills each week
  • Two 60-min coaching sessions a month
  • e-mail contact and laser coaching
  • 30% discount for selected courses


CONTACT TODAY for a FREE 30-min introductory session

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.