Embodied success and connection mastery

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I am glad you’ve made it to this page. It means that you might be curious about how to engage deeper in this incredible body-centered work for enhancing your relationships, success and wellbeing.


One of the most rewarding ways is to join our Embodied Success and Connection Mastery. This is our special program that offers regular individual and group support during at least 6 months.


Many of us would like to have better relationships and a less bumpy road in life, more abundance and better health. Many of us have a strong, oftentimes urgent, need and desire to be loved, to be seen, to be understood, to be supported. Many of us are longing for attention, connection and care. This is not a luxury. This is what we need as humans. This is what we need to be healthy and prosper.


Yet, very few people have these fundamental requirements for wellbeing and happiness fulfilled. Few people get to experience truly deep connection with themselves and maintain lasting love in relationships while quite many settle in mediocre unsatisfying partnerships and boring jobs. A number of studies on loneliness and a number of sick leaves on emotional grounds are growing at a rocket speed.


That’s why it is so important to make sure that each and everyone has enough support and genuine connection to feel good, to be successful and to contribute to a better world. This is why it so important for each of us to learn new ways to express ourselves and feel fulfillment in love, work and life.


And this road starts from our body. From fully expanding our capacity to breath and connect. From connecting to our body and our feelings. From generating and practicing new body-centered ways of connecting to others.


This is why I have created this Mastery.

















The Embodied Success and Connection Mastery is for YOU, if YOU:

  • want to learn and integrate various effective body-centered techniques into your daily life - in order to reach your goals in all areas of life
  • are ready to deepen and enrich your relationship with yourself and others (your family, friends, colleagues, business partners)
  • want to discover and express your unique gifts and talents
  • want to expand and enjoy your vitality as much as possible
  • are longing to be understood and appreciated for who you are
  • are looking for professional support
  • are looking for incredible community support


And more…


The goal of this program is to create a safe and empowering space where:

  • you will be continuously learning about body-centered work and applying new tools
  • you will be continuously opening to learning from your challenging situations, life changes, feelings, issues and potentials
  • you will be creating what you most want and need
  • you will be a part of a community and will practice giving and receiving attention, care and support



1. The circle meets two times each month for a facilitated 2,5-hour session. During the first part of the session we will introduce and practice new material. The second part is dedicated to a facilitated work with each participant, within the group presence and support.


Each class includes:

  • breath work
  • exploration of one or two principles and practices of body-centered work
  • coaching
  • creative expression
  • tea together


2. Between these meetings, learning and communication continues in a closed Facebook group where participants receive ongoing coaching and community support


3. A minimum commitment of 6 months is required


4. A number of participants is limited to 8


5. Place: Stockholm or Sigtuna


6. Dates and time: the schedule is tailored to participants




Please contact Olga at olga@feelforwellness.com or via the form below



This program requires at least a 6-month commitment to ensure the best results of your deep work with new material and creating a safe space and continuity for all participants. After six months you can choose to stay in the program as long as you wish and pay a monthly fee.



  • 5 hours/month of personal and group coaching in a circle format
  • Ongoing support and individual progress track via a closed group on Facebook
  • A unique community of like-minded learners and friends
  • 50% discount on all other courses


Do you feel like this Embodied Success and Connection Mastery might be a beneficial support system for you? Wonderful!


Please fill in the application form below, specifying why you want to join this program.


All applicants who have not worked with us before will be kindly asked to schedule a free meeting with Olga to discuss the details and make a conscious commitment.


Welcome to learn more about the Embodied Success and Connection Mastery!


Be well.

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