Can you imagine how relieved and excited you'll feel when you finally let go of overwhelm and learn how to deal with your difficult feelings?


Wouldn’t it be awesome to know exactly how to initiate the positive changes that will lead to a richer and more balanced life?


"I am amazed at how much can happen in an only 30 minutes session with you, Olga. Your sweet and simple directions had my body and mind immediately respond and release long-held tensions - opening up new possibilities for the future. I'm excited to explore this further as I move on from our session."  Joan Annika

I’m here to help you see where your overwhelm from juggling duties and responsibilities comes from and what to do about it so that you will feel calm rather than agitated, responsive rather than reactive, hopeful, inspired, insightful and crystal clear on what to focus on and what to let go of. 


In our work together, we also take a look at the emotional roots of all your challenges and practice effective embodied techniques so that you will find out what has made you upset and unsatisfied and what makes you radiant and alive, and from there your life will take a new beautiful direction.


You will also get guidance on how to stay emotionally balanced and connected and listen to your inner wisdom.


This will give you clarity, courage and confidence to

re-charge and re-invent your life. 


My role as a coach is to facilitate discovery and learning that are essential for YOU, your transformation, well-being and decision-making.


During a coaching session we will:

  • start with an issue that you would like to explore and effectively resolve;
  • engage breathing and moving exercises that are specially designed to find new ways to solve problems and bring emotional balance;
  • practice welcoming your feelings and expressing them in a healthy way which is the key to your overall well-being, fulfilling relationships and a deeply satisfying life;
  • map out steps that you could take to move in the direction of your dreams.

After each session you will have more clarity and feel more alive and totally empowered. You will also learn and appreciate several very simple yet very effective techniques that you can use every day on your own to take wise decisions, enhance your well-being and deal with emerging challenges. 


Simply put –

you will shift from being stuck and stressed to feeling ease and flow,

and ready to blossom and thrive! 


"From the first moment I talked to Olga I knew it was going to work. She is very compassionate and goes out of her way to find solutions that fit you personally. She can read people like a book. For me it felt like I was talking to a big sister who gives great advice. She tells you things you don't want to hear but in a way that you feel it was your idea. 

The whole body is involved in the kind of learning that Olga teaches. Feelings, feelings, feelings, I was so scared of them that most of the time I didn't have any feelings. My heart was locked, but with Olga's help it has opened itself again.

Hard work, but with a great reward. I wish I had learned this when I was child, but thankfully it is never too late to learn something new".  - Lonnie V.

Coaching sessions are available in person in Stockholm/Sigtuna/Uppsala or via Skype. 

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