Body-centered coaching program: 

Mastering connection with your body, your feelings and in your relationships


This program makes use of the incredibly effective body-centered processes and techniques, involving breathing and movement exercises, the power of our attention and play, and much more. This training is highly experiential and fun – as you will be practicing the whole-body and whole-brain learning process instead of analyzing and working through issues. The approach allows for achieving AHA moments, shifts and clarity as well as integrating new skills in the most beneficial way. When the weather permits we will also use and enjoy the space outside.

Course modules

Module 1: Connecting to our body and ourselves through the body

  • Powerful breathing exercises
  • Recognizing and reading our sensations
  • Practicing expressing our inner processes and matching them with outside experiences
  • The healing power of our attention
  • An “I-want” inquiry
  • Creative joint play and other movement techniques to obtain more clarity and shift from the stuck situation to flow


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Module 2: Mastering our feelings through our body

  • Anatomy of the emotion: sensations, thoughts, and more
  • Learning to ride emotional waves
  •  The grip of fear, its body signature and how to release it
  • Embracing “difficult” feelings (anger, blame, shame, and others) and learning to express them in healthy ways
  • Expanding joy
  • Learning to recognize and tackle an emotional foundation of any issue
  • Becoming a master and a friend of our feelings


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Module 3: Using our body and emotional intelligence to create and sustain great relationships and deepen connection with others

  • Effective communication using our body
  • Communicating our feelings
  • Communicating our needs
  • Authenticity and emotional intimacy
  • Transforming power struggles and the “victim-villain-hero” dynamics in relationships with family and at work
  • Body-centered strategies and techniques for expanding joy and wellbeing


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All classes start with breathing exercises and build on the needs of the participants and the dynamics of the group. You have a unique opportunity not only to explore your own problematic issues (if any) and feel more clarity, inspiration and power, but also you will take home a toolbox with several simple yet incredibly effective body-centered techniques. Facilitator’s greatest hope is that you will be able to use these teachings daily and feel deeper and juicier connection with your body, feelings and other people.