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Breakthrough in Love: Find Your Equal Life Partner


Create a Lasting Romantic Relationship


A 12-week coaching program




If you’re a smart, strong, driven woman who’s been longing for love, dreaming of a beautiful romance and sharing a life together with your mate, but tired of looking for the right person, then it’s definitely time for Breakthrough in Love Coaching Program.


When we work together, instead of wondering what’s wrong with you and watching Netflix alone
you’ll naturally start meeting available men who want the kind of relationship that you want. This means many months, even years, saved from disappointing dating and relationships with men who are not the right fit for you. 



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Did you try everything you could but things didn’t work out the way you had hoped?


Did you experience power struggles, settling for less, lack of support and appreciation in your past intimate relationships?


Do you still ache inside from a painful breakup?


I know exactly how it feels.


The search for love can feel confusing, and often nothing really changes, despite a ton of relationship advice out there.

But this time it’s going to be different! How different?


Just imagine yourself for a moment with the partner of your dreams: A man who sees and accepts you for exactly who you are. A man who loves and cherishes you and isn’t afraid to say it and show it. A man who listens attentively and responds to your deepest needs. A man who’s there for you not just when it’s easy and fun but when life is difficult. A man who's capable not only of romance and passion but of ongoing connection and lasting intimacy. A man who you can trust. A man you can build a life with. The man of your dreams. That’s what’s going to be different this time. Because you went all the way to meet him with the help of this coaching program that meets you where you are!


And why will it be different?



  • You'll work out why you'have been attracting a certain type of men - and change it for good!


  • Be crystal clear about what you want and the qualities of your ideal partner.
  • Release the emotional baggage from your past disappointments in love.
  • Let go of old, limiting beliefs and patterns about love and relationships.
  • Get fully ready inside and out, aligning your mind, heart, and body to meet “the one”.
  • Feel hopeful and lovable with your whole being, eager and open to new possibilities.
  • Deepen your sense of self-acceptance and self-love, adding an irresistible radiance.
  • Learn conscious communication skills that will create deeper bonds with your partner.
  • Know how to navigate the world of dating so you can relax and trust the process.



  • Created a miracle of love for herself and knows the exact way to show you.
  • Is qualified and experienced to help you move forward easier and faster.
  • Is fully committed to you finding the love of your life and being happy in your relationship.
  • Is caring, creative, fun, and easy to work with.

Here is a glimpse of my miraculous story…


From Lonely to Loved


My biggest dream of all was to find love and create a happy family. My biggest fear of all was that I wouldn’t find anyone and end up alone. Strong, smart, single. My biggest concern was that I was too much of that and too little of this. My biggest desperation was that years flew by and everybody but me was getting married and going on family holidays.


I was frustrated that it was so difficult to meet someone who would notice how much love and care I had to offer. With all my heart I wanted to fall in love and be loved the way I was. As I studied literature and languages and then worked in education, most of my colleagues were women. I didn’t like dating sites. Salsa dancing wasn’t the right place for a deep conversation and connection. Every time I got on a plane, I hoped that he would sit next to me. But he didn’t. After a painful divorce and a custody court for my two-year-old son, my confidence and faith that I would ever fully experience true romantic love were really low.


And then a possibility to change my love destiny appeared.


When in the summer of 2014 I went to California to continue my coaching training on conscious relationships, I met an amazing coach and qigong teacher from Hawaii. I knew that I had to clear lots of emotional baggage in the area of love. I also felt that I couldn’t do it on my own. I decided to put aside some money from my salary as a gift to myself to have one coaching session a month with him. Almost a year we worked together, and I was totally committed to creating a loving relationship in my life.


Then it was the time to give it all a try. I traveled to the other side of the world, to the magical island of Maui for a private retreat with my coach. Some people thought that I was crazy to go so far and to borrow so much money for this trip. I think that I was blessed and guided.



One day, my coach took me to some special place in the mountains and asked me to visualize the man I would love to meet. I closed my eyes but couldn’t visualize anybody as I just couldn't believe that love was possible for me. Then the image came: a round table in the garden on a beautiful summer day, children’s laughter, and a family gathering for lunch. That moment I knew it would be my life and my family in ten years.


Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait for ten years. Three weeks afterwards, I met Daniel - an incredible man with similar values and lifestyle, totally committed to creating a family. It was love from first hug. In five months he invited me to come to Portugal for his cousin’s wedding and to meet his family.


The first thing that I saw when I arrived at Daniel’s place in Portugal was the round table in the garden! Soon we were married and got two beautiful babies.

We have been together for five years. It’s been the best years of my life. Today and every day, I celebrate such an amazing relationship with my husband. I celebrate our family. I celebrate all the love, fun, and joy that we have together.


Now it’s your turn!




Tell me more!


What to expect


Wherever you are right now is the perfect place to be. And I’m truly excited for you because you’re about to embark on a transformational journey that's designed to take you from where you are to exactly where you want to be.


How will I do that? By designing a coaching program that combines YOUR desires, YOUR commitment, YOUR courage, and YOUR relationship experience with powerful tools for overcoming mindset and emotional obstacles. I will also help you develop a deep respect and intimacy with yourself that opens you to true love and intimacy with another.


During our time together, I will personally coach and support you to identify and transform the blocks and limitations that hold you back, expand your sense of possibility, and take small steps toward your most cherished relationship goals.


On the way, I will also pass on to you simple but powerful exercises and body-centered practices that will enable you to stay in emotional balance and move forward with ease and joy toward relationship success.


Let’s hear what other women say about the impact of body-centered coaching that I offer.


"I am amazed at how much can happen in only a 30-minute session with you, Olga. Your sweet and simple directions had my body and mind immediately responding and releasing long-held tensions - opening up new possibilities for the future. I'm excited to explore this further as I move on from our session."

Joan Annika, Denmark.


“Olga is very compassionate and goes out of her way to find solutions that fit you personally.”

Lonneke, the Netherlands.


“I highly recommend this work to everyone who wants to restore the harmony of body and soul! I always tried to ignore difficult emotions, but as a result, I accumulated a lot of unprocessed stuff. Thanks to these tools, I learned to accept and work with my feelings and emotions, fear in particular, and to move through stress fast.”

Anastasia, Sweden.

What you’ll learn and experience


During our three months together, you’ll follow a specially designed roadmap to help you navigate dating and fully prepare to attract and meet your loving partner.


Module 1. Week 1. Kick-off. Start where you are.

Connect to and express fully your desire for love.


Module 2. Week 2. Vision and Commitment.

Envision and feel your goals and destination with mind, body, and soul.


Module 3. Weeks 3-4. Overcoming obstacles.

Learn to face difficult emotions; melt fears away; and let go of limiting beliefs, past disappointments, and repeating dating and relationship patterns.


Module 4. Week 5. Choosing a path of self-love and self-acceptance.

Learn to embrace who you are and your story. Practice loving yourself unconditionally and walking your way with total confidence.


Module 5. Weeks 6-7. The art to date - the art to relate.

Discover and master essential skills and practices that will help you to attract the right person and create a deep, intimate relationship that you truly desire.

  • Emotional literacy
  • Conscious communication
  • Visibility
  • Receiving
  • Trust
  • New daily habits and practices

Module 6. Week 8. Dealing with challenges on the way. Integration.


Module 7. Weeks 9-10. Navigating Dating.

  • Put your new skills into practice and navigate dating gracefully.
  • Discover new ways to meet new people who are the best match for you.
  • Learn to discern, understand your choices, and make wise decisions.
  • Learn to relax, be guided, and trust the process.

Module 8. Weeks 11-12. Land in Love. Live in Harmony.

Integration. Prepare to gently nurture your relationship-in-creation.




From all my heart, I want you to manifest your most cherished dreams and meet your equal loving partner FASTER and EASIER. I know that it’s totally POSSIBLE.




So what’s included

  •  12 60-min coaching sessions following the curriculum of my signature program Breakthrough in Love: Find Your Equal Life Partner and Create a Lasting Romantic Relationship
  • Workbook for each session and easy weekly assignments to stay on course
  • Laser coaching and support through e-mail

As a BONUS you will get UNLIMITED access to monthly Find Love Mastermind and Coaching Circle that starts in the fall 2021! You’ll have access to my monthly laser coaching in a safe, loving community of women for as long as you need it because I’m totally committed to support YOU UNTIL you reach your goals and find your loving partner! - VALUE 50€/month




The experience of romantic love and deep intimate connection is truly priceless.

This is an incredible gift that you can give to yourself right now!




By the end of this transformational journey, you’ll

  • Be totally prepared to meet your loving partner.
  • Get effective tools to attract and recognize the right person.
  • Move past your mental and emotional barriers to love.
  • Learn essentials skills to communicate, be visible, and confidently show up as your best self.
  • Boost self-love and confidence.
  • Cultivate a sense of trust and possibility in your whole being instead of feeling hopeless and limited.
  • Be fully supported in the process of dating.

I want this!


100% satisfaction guarantee


This coaching program is designed to offer women a highly transformational experience in the area of love, dating, and relationships. I can’t guarantee that you’ll meet the right person during or right after the program because it depends on your own process. What I guarantee is that coaching will be tailored to and address your specific needs. After this transformational work, you’ll be powerfully prepared for attracting and choosing the right-for-you life partner and for creating a fulfilling, loving relationship. From my own journey to find love and create an amazing relationship with my husband, as well as from working with many clients, I assure you that the body-centered coaching approach that I use in this program is highly effective, fun, and easy-to-learn and integrate.


To ensure your success and desired results, I offer unlimited access to my laser coaching in monthly Find Love Mastermind and Coaching Circle until you need it.


As every this program is based on personalized coaching and involves deep transformation, it’s important that you and I are a good match to work together. That’s why we always start with a discovery session.


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Questions that you might have


Q: I read many self-help books, watch videos, and follow several experts in social media who teach how to attract the right partner. How is your coaching program different?


A: Surely, there’s an ocean of resources and advice on how to find love. Often contradictory and quite overwhelming, right? This is a distilled, laser-focused, designed-specifically-for-you coaching program where you get individual attention and feedback on each step of your journey to finding love.


Q: What’s so special about your coaching approach?


A: I am a certified Conscious Loving and Living Coach, and use a body-centered approach that helps overcome long-term issues and challenges easier and faster as it involves not only the mind but the whole body in the process of transformation. I also add insights from other transformational coaching modalities and from my research on language use and social interaction to help you find new ways of seeing, speaking, expressing your feelings, responding to challenging situations, and creating what you desire.


Q: I don’t feel that I’m ready to find love and be in a relationship right now. Should I sign up for the coaching program now?


A: If you know that you want to experience deep romantic love but not sure when and how, it’s the best time to start transformational work actually! The coaching program will help you understand your needs and desires and become fully prepared to meet your loving partner and create an intimate relationship of your dreams.


Q: I’m not sure that I can afford coaching right now.


A: Beautiful romantic love and deep intimate connection is one of the most wonderful experiences that we can have in life. It’s really painful and expensive to waste more time, health, and resources on repeating old patterns and disappointments. An investment in a deep, guided transformation in the direction of your dreams will boost all areas of your life and return manyfold.


Q: How long is the coaching program?


A: There are 12 coaching sessions in the program. You can choose your own pace and complete the program between three and six months.


Q: How much does it cost?


A: As this is a beta-version of my new signature program, the investment is considerably lower than the full price and a number of places is limited to 4 clients. The full price will go up 3-4 times when I complete the first round of the program. During our discovery session, we’ll go over all investement options.


Still have questions or unsure?

Please book a call with me!



Meet Olga


When I was little, I was taught to be smart, strong, and independent. Then when I grew up, my biggest fear was to be single, stuck, small, and unfulfilled. But today, I am bathing in my husband’s love, nourish my three children, and absolutely love the work that I do, helping women make dramatic changes in their lives.


Through my personal journey of divorce and relationship disappointments, I found the incredible way to deal with emotional issues. It not only helped me restore balance and resolve all problems but also catalyze every area of my life. That’s why I am inspired, competent, and committed to helping professional women who are strong and successful in many ways but exhausted to live in a “gotta-do-it-all-by-myself” and “I’m alone” mode.


On the official side, I am a transformational coach, social interaction researcher, and portrait photographer. I was born in Russia, studied in the USA, got married in Portugal, and live in Sweden. My greatest success in life is my family founded on conscious love, deep connection, extraordinary care, shared values, and exciting visions for our future. And I walk my talk.


On the inside, I’m cuddly and romantic. Love to dance. Write presencing poetry and thinking about a book about love. Enjoy meditative walks in the Swedish forest or at the beach in Portugal. Excited to grow organic veggies and create a magical well-being garden in our countryside home.


Olga, I’m in!


P.S. I’d love to share something very special with you. A glimpse of my wedding day. And I want to tell you that I’m here for you and with you on your journey. With all my heart, I want you to find love and be truly happy. The experience of love, harmony, and deep intimacy with someone whom you share your life with is one of the most precious things in this world.