YES! Family Vitality and Body-centered learning

I am a Mom. What a wonderful and magical experience! What a blessing! A source for constant growth and stretching. A reflection of my emotional wellbeing. A treasure island for simple yet blissful discoveries about another person, myself, the world and how it all works to live a happy and healthy life.


Though, as you know, it is not always easy. Oftentimes it is challenging.

There are so many books and resources out there that give us parenting advice. How to influence, how to train, how to coach, how to change the bad behavior, how to make the child a good person… Like our child is an object or a project.


I want to share a secret that might seem to you as not a secret at all. But I’ll try. It is to choose connecting instead of focusing on how we can influence or control the child. Each and every time.


No doubt, we do this at sweet times.


But what do we do in the midst of a tantrum, frustration, stress, tiredness, anxiety, a million-things-do-and-take-care-of roller coaster? When we happen to surf in the storm - what do we do?


I am passionate about researching, learning, testing and teaching about what we, parents and human beings, can do to choose genuine connection each and every time and how to deepen this connection to our children and ourselves.


I invite you to explore this process and a way in which YOU connect with your child. Welcome to join me and other parents in learning simple yet essential and effective body-centered techniques and principles that - with a guarantee, if you use them regularly - will make a difference in your daily parenting experience and overall family vitality. You will be amazed and eased.


I was fortunate to dive in a body-centered relationship coaching approach and become a certified coach at the Hendricks Institute (USA).


I was fortunate to become a social interaction researcher to dive in the microscopic processes of communication, family interaction and learning.


I am fortunate to be able to apply these tools, up level my family wellbeing and savor the miracles of connection with my child at home and other people whom I come to meet in my life.


Let’s connect!


Why to focus on interaction and connection?

My work is influenced by several authors and experts on parenting and child development, among others Dr. Daniel Siegel and Dr. Laura Markham. Their approaches consider attachment theories and latest research in brain development. It is not only behaviour patterns and social skills that are developing through child’s interactions with other people and the surroundings but brain’s development is shaped by these interactions. Many of us know and agree that it is essential for physical and mental development of the child to feel his/her feelings and learn how to express one’s feelings in a healthy way. But few of us realize that the way in which we parents deal with our own emotions and how we are able to have and appreciate our inner life directly influences the child’s brain, health and future.


Why body-centered approach?

One of the fastest and deepest ways to connect with our emotions is through our body signals. At the same time, when our feelings arise we have great opportunities to connect with our body and our inner selves, which has proved positive effects on physical and mental health and overall wellbeing.

This is the fastest way to reach our inner knowing.

This is a great and reliable pathway to create rewarding connections with others.


Your parenting GPS

I assure you that you would greatly benefit from having a road map of where to go and how to connect to your body, your feelings and apply these insights in any situation. This is your parenting GPS.


As a psychologist Dr.Edmund Knighton said in one of the interviews, “There is no discipline of the child, there is only self-discipline. We can’t train the child’s will. But we can train ourselves how we approach challenges and respond. You can give your children your love but not your thoughts. Parenting is a path of self-development. It is not about educating the child directly but rather indirectly through our own development”.


So I hope that you consider this important secret about how to make your experience easier: you don’t waste your time and great efforts on trying to change and control your child or any other “challenging” person in your life. Instead you can have a good time learning about your inner landscape and how it matches what is going on in your relationships.



Would like to learn more and start applying the secret?

If you feel inspired and called to action by this bold and potent move to explore how you can connect better with yourself, with your child and with others using body-centered tools such as breathing, moving, play, attention, heart-centered communication and many other techniques – please stay in touch by email, Facebook and come to one of the trainings.


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